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About Us

About Us - SPN


Since its inception in 1982, SPN has maintained a team of highly skilled engineers and has continuously evolved and innovated in asset performance optimization.

From a practice focused on project engineering, SPN quickly became a data-driven company with the creation of the n-Spektor high-resolution data acquisition system in the early 1990s.
After pioneering data collection across hardware and control signals, SPN launched an automated analysis platform as part of its e-audit services, backed by a new infrastructure allowing for continuous data collection.

Today, SPN remains at the forefront of asset optimization through the integration of artificial intelligence in its analysis capabilities while also improving its delivery methods with MySPN, the mobile application which sends asset performance notifications and alarms directly to smartphones.

It is in SPN’s DNA to help clients manage and optimize the performance of assets and we will continue to do so to remain a leader in our industry.


To be a leading provider of cost effective solutions in process control, automation and drives that better enable our customers to operate efficiently and reliably.

By leveraging our gained experience, data gathering and analysis we deliver best-in-class industrial asset performance management and optimization.

Mission - SPN

Our Team

Highly qualified Engineers and experienced Specialists at your service.


During our 35+ year history, SPN has gained the expertise to become a leader in delivering best-in-class industrial asset performance management and optimization.
By leveraging our experience coupled with data science technology we provide better decision-making and build competitive advantages.

Data Science Technology

The integration of SPN’s proprietary data acquisition platform and automated data analysis technology allows continuous in-depth monitoring of assets operation and controls.

The benefits are early detection of anomalies to prevent unplanned costly downtime and data driven decision making for effective solutions.

Objective Benchmarking

Our standardized method and processes tailored to each equipment type provide benchmarking and identify achievable  targets to reach the best performance level.

Since we are OEM independent, not affiliated to any supplier, we offer neutral and unbiased recommendations.

Strength in Partnership

Covering more than 50 sites across North America, we work in close collaboration with our customers to complement their expertise.

Our team of 15+ highly skilled and experienced engineers in several fields deliver cost effective unique value to our clients.

Core Values

Our organization’s philosophy is based on several core values

Rigor and

at the centre





Management Team

Jean Nehmé, Eng. MBA


Pierre Nader, Eng. MBA


Khaled Yared, Eng. Ph.D


Gilles Gélinas, Eng. M.Sc

VP Engineering