Project Engineering

Project Engineering

We engineer success

Throughout the years, we have helped clients achieve successful engineering projects while prioritizing cost effectiveness to provide a high return on investment.

At every step of the project, SPN evaluates the relevance and the return it provides to the client. Our rigorous and proven methods focus on:
1) Asset risk evaluation
2) Definition of goals and objectives
3) Selection of best technological and financial option
4) Collaboration with clients during the implementation of the chosen option

Optimized solutions focused on results

Our knowledge base is backed by the large amount of data we collect and analyze, it allows us to provide quality technological advice.

Our expertise is leveraged by the in-depth understanding of various control strategies used on assets we monitor and for which we optimize performance.

By being OEM neutral we provide unbiased recommendations based strictly on technological evaluations.

Optimized solutions focused on results - SPN
Our engineering projects - SPN

Our engineering projects

We have successfully completed numerous mandates in:

  • Asset risk evaluation studies
  • Purchase specifications and bid analysis for drives and controls upgrades
  • Drives and control upgrade engineering for various applications
  • Automation and enhancement of winders and finishing equipment
  • Speed-up of paper machines

We can help

We approach every project with an owner mindset ensuring that we achieve planned results