Success Stories

The following case studies show how our solution bring value to our clients

Capturing Intermittent Abnormal Drive SCR Firing

Whether dealing with legacy or modern digital drives, there is always a risk of abnormal SCR firing which can be difficult to troubleshoot without high speed data (2,500 samples/sec), otherwise leading to frequent interrupted production. Read more >

Uncovering Defective Rider Roll Load Cell

Shifts in load cell calibrations or defective load cells can be tricky to detect in closed loop systems, since the control is continuously aligning the load cell feedback signal on the reference. Monitoring independent transducers signals can achieve this. Read more >

Detecting an Abnormal Motor Field Current Level

Motor field current level is one of these things which which is rarely monitored and while it affects available motor torque, it is a motor failure waiting to happen. Read more >

Tracking Drum Slippage

Drum slippage generally occur sporadically and for short bursts of time which can remain unseen while affecting roll structure and quality until further deterioration occurs. This would translate in variations this can be detection at first instance to take limit production loss. Read more >

Slipping Motor Tach Coupling

A defective motor speed feedback  will not always show obvious signs in the absence of a continuous high speed data analysis based on machine specific algorithms.. Read more >

Intermittent Malfunction of Hydraulic Valve

Sporadic and intermittent valve anomalies make them almost impossible to detect in the absence of a high resolution data acquisition and automated continuous analysis of pressure stability... Read more >