Drum Slippage

How to Track Drum Slippage

Tracking the profile and stability of the drum speed differential on two drum winder during acceleration is critical to ensure adequate roll structure and quality near cores.


Among the 450 KPIs calculated on every production cycle (approx. every 10 min.), the drum speed differential stability during acceleration KPI enables us to detect drum slippage.

In this specific case, severe drum speed differential instabilities were intermittently occurring for few seconds during the acceleration period.

The SPN continuous and automated data analysis system alerted the mill and triggered our experts’ attention.

Our Intervention

Our specialists validated that this behavior was not related to a change in the winding parameters, but likely caused by dirt on the front drum surface following a recent set throw incident, reducing its traction on the rolls.

A report was sent to the mill with specific recommendation to verify the front drum roughness and clean if necessary.


The prompt detection and reporting enabled the mill to avoid producing rolls with loose tightness near core affecting the roll performance at the printing press during the flying splice operation.


Without the SPN continuous analysis service, this issue could have gone undetected resulting in significant losses due to defective products and deterioration of client satisfaction.