Troubleshooting run togethers

Troubleshooting run togethers

There are many things that can cause the wound rolls to run together at the winder.

Things we monitor that can induce run together include:

  • Changes in tension distribution
  • Tension setpoint too low
  • Changes in spreading that affect tension readings
  • Incorrect calibration of tension or rider roll load cells
  • Intermittent shift in load cell signals
  • Front drum slippage
We can identify or rule out control issues, but there are also mechanical issues that can cause roll run together. Troubleshooting is much easier if we have verified the controls are operating properly.

Our system will continuously monitor your equipment, analyze the data and alert the mill if there are changes in:

  • Tension level or stability
  • Load cell calibration
  • Slippage
  • Rider roll load changes or variations
  • Incorrect TNT setpoints for grade
  • Core chuck load variations
  • Drive or control issues
Monitoring after changes have been made can determine the effectiveness of the changes. Our team of experts can provide immediate assistance to mill personnel, instead of cutting a PO and waiting for outside assistance. Our historic data and reports can be accessed if the same issue arises. We have all lived a “I’ve seen this before. Do you remember what was it last time?” scenario.